Launching my Blog

After months (years if you want to get technical) of saying I wanted to put up a blog and stating that I was going to put up a blog, I have started. The key now will be to maintain it, of course.

Initially my feelings about blogs was that there are far too many of them out there and that the internet was swamped with tons of information already – good, bad, insane – and that the addition of any material I could share would quickly be lost in the ocean.  I have since decided that mentality is a bunch of hogwash and regardless of if anyone admits to reading my thoughts and opinions, at least I will feel as if there is a chance that I can make an impact in someone else’s thought process (good or bad depending on whether they agree with me or not.)

To start it off, this is my first real post.  What is to come after?  Who knows…

I work in a technological field – as of one day ago I was asked to take over the position of Director of Operations at the company I work for.  This position is the head of the Infrastructure department which builds, monitors, and maintains the company’s entire network which is spread between a few states and over to Manchester, England.

Many of my blogs most likely will be related to experiences, breakthroughs, and thoughts on things associated with that as well as web hosting and, of course, many other related items.

I am also very politically opinionated.  So I may blog about that – my wife believes that I should actually have a radio talk show to cover all my material.  Too many of those out there already but yeah I could see how that would be fun…

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Anthony McCartney


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Somewhere burried deep in the field of Information Technology
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One Response to Launching my Blog

  1. Linear Fix says:

    Welcome to WordPress 🙂 Congratulations on your first post.

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